Merge Two Cells In Excel Without Losing Data

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Hi. I have a small task that is similar to some of the other posting on merging, but not exactly the same. I’m trying to merge multiple cells in a single column (varying number of cells) into the first cell of that group without losing the data from the other cells. Here’s an example:
*Ignore the ‘.’ — I can’t get the editor to recognize multiple spaces
Is this possible? I want to create the line-breaks between the merged values, and I’d like it to know which values to merge based on which cells in Column A are populated. I REALLY need to learn some VBA..

Watch this short video that shows you how to merge several cells in Microsoft Excel and still retain all the data in both cells. Kindly share if you find thi. To get around this problem, you can use the Consolidate tool in Excel to merge numerical data together from multiple worksheets into a new, single worksheet. Unfortunately, this process doesn’t work with cells using text — you’ll need to cut and paste this data manually, or create a VBA script in Excel to do it for you. Using Excel’s Merge & Center command, you cannot merge two cells in Excel without losing data. You have to use some tricks and techniques. Table of Contents show Why cannot you use Merge & Center command in this case? Or you could move the data perhaps by inserting cells so new cells will be used for the merge. I suspect you mean is there some support for doing this as part of the merge function where excel will take some type of action such as concatenating the data or moving the data. No, there is no option in the merge command to ‘merge’ the cells which.

Manycam download. Excel will give you a warning message telling that you will lose the data, when you try to merge cells using the Merge & Center feature. In this article, we’re going to show you how to merge cells in Excel without losing your data.

  1. Begin by adding a new column where you want the merged column to be placed.
  2. Select the first cell and create a formula CONCATENATE formula, adding a separator if necessary. In this example, we used a space (” “).
    =CONCATENATE(C2,” “,D2)
How to merge two cells in excel
How to merge two cells in excel
Merge Two Cells In Excel Without Losing Data
Merge Two Cells In Excel Without Losing Data
  1. Copy down the cell to apply to all cells in the column.
  2. When all cells in the new column are selected, copy the cells by pressing Ctrl + C. Alternatively, you can click the Copy item from the right-click menu.
  3. After copying, open the right-click menu again. This time click the Paste as Values button to replace formulas with static values.
  4. Since we got rid of the formulas, we do not need the old columns., and they can be safely removed. You can delete them by selecting the columns and clicking the Delete button from the right-click menu.
  5. You will end up with the merged column.

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